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BioTracker System™ Effortless Tissue Tracking | Manually logging biologics (tissue autografts, allografts and xenografts)  and implants takes too much time.

Eliminating the disaster of missing and expired inventory is critical to patient care.

The BioTracker System is suited to fit your needs in any situation. It uses Auto ID capabilities (bar-coding and RFID technology) to capture essential data. It also provides for “track and trace” capabilities from initial processing to patient delivery.

The BioTracker System can significantly enhance your ability to meet regulatory requirements.

BioTracker System key features and benefits:


  • Support of biologics and implant tracking
  • Cost effective capabilities resulting in rapid ROI
  • Barcode/RFID scanning to optimize data capture
  • Web-Based capabilities (requiring minimal IT department support)


  • Security (ensures confidentiality of patient data)
  • Efficient tracking (to provide the location of items at any time
  • Effective inventory control and management of orders and inventory

Download BioTracker PowerPoint presentation.

The functionality of the BioTracker System is one part of AdvanTech's QLM® suite of inventory management applications (for more information about QLM KITS, click here).