GSA Schedule

Logistics Services Offered (GSA Logworld)

We provide professional services and technology to help clients optimize logistics/supply chain systems through our GSA Contract GS-10F-0320P.

  • Supply and Value Chain Management Services (SINs 874-501 & 874-501RC)
    Services include all phases of logistics systems planning, evaluation, acquisition and design. These services include requirements for electronic document management systems, e-procurement, receiving, distribution, inventory management systems, and AutoID/bar code/RFID capabilities. Considerations can also incorporate LEED system requirements for ‘green’ operation (recycling) of logistics operations and facilities.

  • Operations and Maintenance Logistics Management and Support Services (SINs 874-507 & 874-507RC)
    Services offered include planning, design, management, and operations/maintenance of logistics systems including equipment and facilities to optimize operational performance. Implementation support, management consulting and engineering services are structured to meet client needs.

  • Logistics Support Products (SINs 874-506 & 874-506RC)
    Quality Logistics Management
    TM (QLM®) System is an Internet/Intranet-based supply chain management system providing flexibility and control for supply chain management personnel responsible for managing logistics support activities. Implementation support for QLM® is structured to meet client needs.

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