Kit Information Tracking System (KITS)

AdvanTech's Kit Information Tracking System KITS is a Quality Logistics Management QLM® system module providing healthcare clients (i.e., OR/CS managers) and others with the capability to:

  • Manage Surgical Instrumentation by Set Type, Set Mix, Set Consolidation
  • Measure / Monitor / Manage Labor Activity & Productivity
  • Perform Surgical Instrument Set KITS Comparative Analyses
  • Evaluate Cost of Components in Individual Sets
  • Provide Critical Information for Procedure Cost-to-Revenue Assessment

QLM KITS is a user-friendly, Internet-based system that has a Return-On-Investment ROI payback of months, not years, and helps management identify critical opportunities for set consolidation and changes. QLM KITS is designed for easy use regardless of current computer skills and enhances operating effectiveness for surgical set assembly and sterile processing asset management.


Because it's flexible

QLM KITS enhances the effectiveness of OR/CS management and improves the quality of patient care by:

  • Enabling tagging and tracking of medical/surgical devices.
  • Improving the availability of medical equipment.
  • Evaluating the quality of instrument sets processed.
  • Automating staff labor productivity.Production quality monitoring.
  • Facilitating flexible report generation.

Because it's Cost-Effective

  • Can be paid for with funds from your operating budget, requiring no capital dollars.
  • Runs via your standard web browser requiring minimal IT department support.
  • Has Return-On-Investment/Payback of months, not years.
  • Helps identify critical opportunities for set instrument consolidation, standardization, and changes.
  • Helps prioritize decisions based on financial impact.
  • Is designed for easy use regardless of current computer skills.

Download KITS PowerPoint presentation.