Quality Logistics Management (QLM®) System

Our Quality Logistics Management (QLM) System is an Internet-based supply chain management system providing the flexibility and control needed by supply chain management personnel responsible for managing logistics support activities. QLM provides automated inventory management capabilities and stock replenishment functions supporting logistics operations across an enterprise at retail and wholesale levels. Functionality includes: inventory management, requisition processing and management, receipt processing, customer issues, historical usage tracking, predictive forecasting, system administration, security, electronic interfaces to provide data to other systems, and financial and management reporting.

QLM has built-in flexibility with a Relational Data Base engine, and Microsoft operating systems. It operates on workstations interfaced to printers, hand-held terminals/automatic ID readers (including both bar code and RFID capabilities). The system can operate as a web-enabled windows application, on a stand-alone basis or be integrated into an enterprise-wide system using industry standard communications. It includes multi-level software security and use of personal identification and passwords to limit access to work related functions to those who are authorized.