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Simple Count Are you still assembling copies of a spreadsheet printed years ago? Immediate updates and the ability to quickly print count sheets would improve your organization’s productivity. Try Simple Count.  It’s a simple solution.

Simple Count is a secure, web-based application that introduces quality control to your organization’s instrument management. Using Simple Count allows you to simplify staff training, improve organization and accuracy of count sheets, eliminate instrument assembly errors, and enhance instrument control for patient safety.  

Simple Count key features and benefits:


  • Count sheets can be printed or exported in various formats (such as PDF, Excel, and Word)
  • Simple but detailed count sheets; easily readable for beginning technicians
  • Web services-oriented, requiring minimal IT department support


  • Cost-effective subscription-based system
  • Access and reprint count sheets, effortlessly
  • Train technicians quickly with accurate, up-to-date count sheets
  • Centralize count sheet management

Download Simple Count PowerPoint presentation.

Simple Count is one part of AdvanTech's QLM® suite of inventory management applications. With instruments and count sheets already built into the system, upgrading to QLM KITS (Kit Information Tracking System) is effortless (for more information about QLM KITS, click here).